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We'll Be White Black - DVD

Featuring Jerry Bergonzi (tenor sax), Billy Peterson (bass), Joe Pulice (drums), Bill Carrothers (piano).  Filmed at The Dakota Restaurant & Jazz Club in Minneapolis.

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We'll Be White Black - CD
200th Anniversary of Chopin - DVD

Featuring Eric Himy, world-renowned classical pianist.  The New York Times has described Eric Himy's playing as "flawlessly poised with elegance and brilliance."  

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Moses Oakland:  Bluesman - DVDlick here to a
Featuring The Moses Oakland Quartet. Moses Oakland (guitar/vocals), Jason Craft (keys), Charles Fletcher (bass), Donald Robertson (drums), Abram Shapiro (keys).  Filmed at Famous Dave's BBQ & Blues Club in Minneapolis. d

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Dare to Dream - CD
Jeanne Arland plays Harold Arlen
Patch Adams: The Emporer's New Clothes - DVDick here to a

All over the world, Patch clowns around and shares his powerful message on the importance of caring — it’s magic. Patch Adams likes to stir things up and make people think.  In this presentation, Patch shares with the viewer a close, personal view of his travels, experiences, and encounters with people throughout the world.

Les Ballets Africains, Jubilee! - DVDck here to a
Created in France in 1952 by the Guinean poet and choreographer, Keita Fodeba, Les Ballets Africains was born in the middle of the fight of the African countries against colonialism.  Created to showcase a vision of justice for Africa by giving witness to the humanity of the black man through its choreography, Les Ballets Africains was a model of African art & culture, illustrating the authentic personality of the continent of Africa.

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Dare to Dream - DVD
Jeanne Arland plays Harold Arlen
Jeanne Arland Peterson embarks on her 75th year as a professional pianist, featured here with her sons, Billy Peterson on bass, and Paul Peterson on drums.  These three great players pay tribute to composer Harold Arlen, with their original arrangements of his music.

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Gershwin in Paris - DVD

Eric Himy, classical pianist, has played to critical acclaim around the world.   This DVD captures one of his many brilliant performances, honoring the great works of George Gershwin. In addition to experiencing Gershwin's wonderful music played effortlessly, hear fascinating anecdotes about the great composer. 

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Bunkers: An American Music Story

This documentary celebrates the rich musical history and the incredible artists who've performed, and continue to perform at Bunkers Music Bar and Grill.  Find out why it's still one of the most important music rooms in the country.

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Nobody's Human - DVD

Featuring Jerry Bergonzi (tenor sax), Billy Peterson (bass), Joe Pulice (drums), Peter Schimke (piano).  Filmed at Creation Studios in Minneapolis.

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Edge Micheal:  Live at The Calico Room

Roots Reggae from the nephew of 
Peter Tosh. add text.
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Edge Michael:  Live at the Calico Room - CD
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